Do you have the need for an on-site fuel storage tank?  

Pinkerton Oil can meet all of your fueling needs. Pinkerton Oil supplies diesel fuel tanks, as well as unleaded fuel tanks. We will install a new fuel tank or replace your existing fuel tank at your particular location. Customers that qualify can take advantage of fuel tank equipment supplied free of charge.
  Do you have machinery that requires large fuel tanks on your job site?

Pinkerton Oil will dispatch trucks to fill your large tractors, cranes, and other heavy-duty equipment. Often contractors find it helpful to have their large machinery filled directly without the use of an auxiliary fuel tank. Pinkerton Oil will accommodate such requests.
  Do you have a remote location that is just too far from other fuel sources?

Pinkerton Oil can bring the fuel to you. Fuel storage tanks are a great convenience on any remote location. Pinkerton Oil can provide your location with a monitored auxiliary fuel tank so you will never run out of fuel when you need it most. Pinkerton Oil specializes in diesel fuel tanks, unleaded fuel tanks, fuel storage tanks, fuel transfer tanks, and storage tanks for bulk oils and lubricants.